(Updated April 23, 2013)


Start: 17"
Current: 14.5"


Start: 7"
Current: 6.75"


Start: 13.5"
Current: 12.5"

Upper Arm (bingo wings):

Start: 22"
Current: 19"

Underbust (bra strap):

Start: 45"
Current: 40.5"


Start: 44D
Current: 40C


Start: 52"
Current: 44"


Start: 64"
Current: 55"

Thigh (one):

Start: 39"
Current: 32"


Start: 24"
Current: 20.5"

I wish there were a way to measure areas like my shoulders, the top of my chest, the area around my knees, my ankles, and other areas that have lost quite a bit of fat but are difficult/impossible to measure. Body fat scales are notoriously inaccurate. That is why I have progress pictures, but I still wish I had concrete data.

I am going to start taking pictures of myself in my workout tank top and stretchy pants every ten pounds so I can see the results better. My clothes cover a lot; my workout clothes do not. I'll be able to monitor the progress in those areas much better this way.

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