Saturday, March 16, 2013


Wow. I didn't update at all last week or this week. Oops.

Anyway, I'm still holding steady at 299. I figured this would happen since I had three huge whooshes within just a few days of each other about a week and a half ago. I tend to lose in big whooshes and then maintain for a couple weeks before another whoosh.

Hopefully, that whoosh comes this week. :) I'd like to get down to 298 or 297 so I feel firmly in the 200s. Right now, my daily fluctuations are still putting a "3" on that scale on occasion since I'm right on that line of 299/300. Grrrr! I'm excited for it to be a steady "2".

Today I calculated that losing 58 pounds means I've lost 16% of my body weight so far. Now that I'm down to 299, if I lose another 58 pounds, that will be 32% of my body weight, and I'll be at a weight where most things are comfortable again but some things are still limited. Another 58 pounds after that will be 49% of my body weight, and I'll be at 183, a weight where I wasn't prohibited from anything (except bikinis and super short skirts, but I have no interest in those things).

It's kind of nice to think I just have to do this two more times and I'll be back to riding roller coasters and not having a care in the world. While I'd love to be 157 eventually, my main goal is really to get under 200 and be "acceptably" fat. I was always really happy between 160 and 190 and never felt shunned, insulted, ostracized, or prohibited from doing the things I love. I did wear plus sizes, but finding attractive clothes and looking good in them is much easier when you're a size 14 or 16 as opposed to a size 24 or 26.

Anyway, I obviously plan to keep losing once I get under 200; I just won't feel as much pressure.

If I can get to 157, my goal weight, I'll have lost 56% of my body weight. Holy cow. I'll have lost half of me and then some. I'll take up half as much space as I used to. That's a very strange concept to me.

I weighed that much in high school, but it was so long ago that I can't remember what it felt like to weigh that much. I thought I was really fat back then (because I was a stupid teenager who thought curves = fat, even though I had muscle and could run two miles), so I don't have any memories of not being fat. My relatives always got on my case about my weight and eating habits, so even though I wasn't fat, I've always felt fat. That is really, really sad. I can't wait to get back to that weight, knowing what I know now, and feel incredibly awesome about it. I hope I don't get that "Fat Girl Curse", where I still feel like I weigh 300+ pounds even though I'm half that size.


  1. Great job! I tend to maintain for about 2 weeks then whoosh myself. I hate that.. I'd almost rather lose steadily but it is what it is... Just at the point when I start getting discouraged, then a whoosh! SO I guess it is ok! Great job on that 299! So proud of you!

  2. Congrats on getting to the twos! I know what you mean about "acceptably fat" - my initial goal was to lose down to 135, because that's what charts said I ought to be. For people post-major weight loss, though, that's not always possible, or even the best goal. It's extremely case-specific, I think. The weight where you feel comfortable and not limited is the right one for you.

    1. Precisely. When I see pictures of myself at 165-170, I think I look really good. I could wear tank tops and skirts that hit above my knee, and I could buy t-shirts anywhere (concerts, souvenir shirts, etc) because I wore an XL and everything came in my size.

      So, while I'd still be overweight, it wouldn't affect me nearly as much as it does now.

      I think my frame plays a big part in it. That, and dressing myself appropriately. All my life, people (even doctors) have been 25-50 pounds off when guessing my weight. :D

  3. I get annoyed with a friend who teases her daughter about her weight. My friend is quite overweight. Her daughter (age 10) is slightly overweight as in she has a bit of a belly, but isn't bad. I don't know if my friend is just concerned that her daughter will end up like her, or what. Perhaps it's time to talk to her about it. I know I hated being teased about my weight when I was young. It didn't get me to do anything about it then.


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