Monday, July 16, 2012

Wrigley Field

My parents came to visit over the weekend, and we took my dad to Wrigley Field on Saturday. He'd never been there before, and it had always been on his bucket list.

I wish I had a picture of his face when we walked in. He was like a kid at Disney World. We walked all over the concourse and all around the seats so he could see the field from every angle. We got free hats when we came in, and he got a "First Timer's Certificate" from Fan Services. He got an Old Style and a Chicago Dog. We rode the shuttle bus from DeVry, so he even got to experience a bit of the CTA. After we had dinner with my friend, Stacy, up on the far north side, we drove south on LakeShore Drive so he could get a great view of the city before we left.

He kept saying, "Best. Birthday Gift. Ever."

I'm so happy we could give this to him. :)

I was a little worried about the seats, as usual, especially since I haven't lost any weight the past several weeks. I've lost inches but not weight, so I was interested to see how it all worked out. I'm not as heavy as I was the last time we went (when I had a crying fit because I couldn't even sit on the edge of the seat, forcing us to stand at the back of the section), but I'm not as small as I was the first time we went. The jersey I'm wearing didn't fit a few months ago (too tight in the arms/back), but it was comfortable on Saturday morning. That gave me hope.

As soon as we got there, I sat on the edge of the seat and realized I had more room. My dad was right next to me, though, and since he's a bigger guy, I couldn't really scoot back. Once he got up to get some more beer, I scooted back as far as I could. I wiggled and turned and managed to get myself almost all the way into the seat. The metal bars were digging in, so it wasn't comfortable, but dammit - I was almost in that seat! I was so happy. I showed Brent and Dad that I was really close. The people behind me probably thought I was some nutso fatty, but whatever. I didn't care. I was grinning about it for the rest of the game because I knew that when we go next summer, I might be able to not only fit all the way in but fit comfortably.

I can't wait to go back to Chicago again. While we were there, I felt like I was home. I didn't want to come back to Kalamazoo. I wanted to stay and have fun in the city, maybe see a museum the next day. I told Brent, and he reminded me that Chicago is #1 on the priorities list. It will all depend on how the next year pans out, though. He also reminded me that we'll be back for concerts, a Bears game, and so on, but I was still pretty sad when we were driving south on LakeShore Drive. There was so much more I wanted to show my dad, and we simply didn't have time.

We'll just have to make a list for next year, assuming we don't already live there by then. ;)


  1. I'm in So. California ... Wrigley would be awesome. Love your journey.

    When you have a second, stop by and say hi. I think you'll really like what I'm talking about. I'm giving motivation and inspiration to take it to another level.

    Hope to hear from you,

  2. Amazing! I love NSVs like that. :) Also, I promise to love Chicago enough for the both of us for a while. It's VERY hot here, but I'm still insanely thrilled to be back as a resident.

  3. I LOVE the pics! Seats suck!!LOL I took my kids to the Pepsi Center in Denver for WWE on July 9th. Those seats are pretty friggin' was a tight squeeze..but not as bad as it was before. Glad you guys had such a great time!!:)


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