Wednesday, November 7, 2012


316.8 today. I'm down 5.2 from PMS water weight gain, but up 2.0 from my lowest (when I hit my 314 mini-goal two weeks ago). I really hate that TOM takes up two whole weeks of weight loss every five weeks. It's so incredibly unfair that I can only post a loss 3/5 of the time.


I still keep plugging away, though. The PMS cravings are super hard, but I've been keeping track of symptoms so that I know to account for those days next month. I had three days where I wanted to eat everything in sight and had to (literally) sit on my hands one evening. Then there are the seven days of water bloat. I haven't had a normal cycle since I was 19, so yes, I'm completely new to this even though I've had my period since I was 13. I'm tracking everything so I know what to expect every month, so I can adjust my calories and water intake and avoid freaking out when the scale starts to climb.

Anyway, enough about my cycle. I know most of my readers are women and get it, but it still feels very personal to me.


I increased my calories a little bit because I've increased my exercise. I found myself pretty hungry in the evening, especially after working out, so I added 200 calories per day. I'm still getting a net calorie reading of around 1800-1900 every day, sometimes 1600 if I work my butt off, so the increase in eating hasn't affected it that much (the exercise is balancing it out). Hopefully, I'll see an actual loss on the scale next Wednesday. I would really like to be down to 307 by Christmas, as that's my "50 Pounds Lost" mini-goal, and it would be nice to celebrate with my family. They've been really supportive through all of this.

I started doing The Firm's "Upper Body" workout. It's actually a two-disc compilation that includes "Standing Legs", but my knees aren't stable enough for the step work yet.

I've always enjoyed their workouts. They combine weights and aerobics, so you get a killer cardio burn along with sculpting. These DVDs kept me in great shape during high school and college. I had a pretty decent tricep line in my Prom pictures.

I'm hoping that if I keep working my upper body, the muscle tone will start to show more and more as I lose the fat. I'm not trying to spot reduce, since that's impossible, but I figure if I spot tone, it will help shape that area and keep the skin from hanging as the fat goes away.


I bought a new workout outfit from Lane Bryant. It's made from a wicking material and is super comfortable. I wore it the other night while doing Turbo Jam, and it was infinitely better than a loose t-shirt and cotton yoga pants. I didn't feel suffocated or warm, and my clothes weren't getting in the way. It was awesome. I took some pictures so I could compare them to my workout pictures from 344 pounds.

You can really see where my shoulders and waist have come in! The loss around my thighs isn't so obvious here, but I'm pleased that it highlights the loss in my upper body. (That's a heart rate monitor on my left wrist. I highly recommend purchasing one.)


My back and hips are killing me today since I sat on the edge of the bed for several hours last night while watching CNN. Sitting like that must have put a constant pull on the muscles, and I didn't feel it until I got up to brush my teeth before bed. Oops. I kept waking up last night because I was uncomfortable, and then I had to hobble around this morning while the muscles loosened up. I have a hair appointment in an hour, so I need to take some ibuprofen and stretch again.

How do I keep doing these things to myself? Getting old sucks. ;)


  1. Omg you look amazing! You go woman!!

    My TOM always screws me up too I know what your sayin' I just make sure to do the best I can as soon as it is over and I am feeling good again.

    You really do look great, you must be so proud!

  2. Love the comparison picture, you look sooo good!! I love my HRM too! I just got it a couple weeks ago and now have no idea how I worked out without it!

  3. Sarah, just a couple comments: You're not old. I am 61, and I *still* don't feel old. Keep up with the exercise and the goals, you are doing great and looking great! BTW, I started doing apple cider vinegar after dinner a couple months ago. I have a hiatal hernia that causes acid reflux, and it was recommended. I mix just a teaspoon or two of organic, raw cider vinegar in a teacup of water Sounds awful sour, but it's actually quite good. It did help keep the acid where it belongs, and funny thing, it also seems to have helped take a few more pounds off.

  4. Wow! Your journey is super inspiring. I have been on a plateau for about 3 months and finally have come down. I love your then and now photos and look forward to seeing your progress. I found your site through Myfitnesspal. Great work woman! :-)


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