Thursday, November 22, 2012


Down a pound (on the nose!) - 314.2.

Since we've been on vacation, my jeans have been feeling looser, so I may be losing inches again. I think I had a major cortisol dump, too, since I'm off work and far away from Real Life back in Michigan. I want to stay out here forever. I cried really hard after we came back from dinner with friends last night. I imagine it will be even harder after the party tonight.

I'm not entirely convinced the scale is correct since it isn't MY scale, but it's a similar digital model, and the weight was close enough to my weight before we left that it may very well be dead-on. I'll know for sure when we get home and weigh myself Sunday morning. /crosses fingers

I refuse to feel down about the slow/stalled loss. I see my weigh-ins from a few months ago, when I was 330 - 340, and it cheers me. Also, I've had a TON of NSVs on this trip, which I'll write about when I get home. I have to hurry up, get dressed, and get going on the fruit salad for tonight. :) Yum, Thanksgiving.

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