Monday, July 22, 2013

Fat Loss Monitor

Well over a year ago, I wrote about my new fat loss monitor. I wasn't aware that it would error out if your body fat is over 50%, but I figured I'd hang onto it and use it once I lost more weight.

When I did the measurement/caliper test back then, my body fat percentage was around 60-62%, depending on the calculator I used.

A couple of days ago, I decided to update my settings in my fat monitor and give it another try, just for the heck of it.

Here are the results:

While this is still nowhere near acceptable, at least I have a reading now. :)

I'm still not sure about the accuracy of these things. I've read a lot of conflicting reports about body fat scales, but this isn't a scale. I'm going to do a little more digging.

I took another reading today (about one week later), and it's down 0.2%. I lost close to a pound during the week too. I have a feeling all of this swimming is helping me maintain lean body mass and that's why the scale has been pretty steady around my most recent plateau weight. Anyway, I'll have to see if I have a steady downward slope or if the readings are all over the place over the next few weeks. That said, I'm not going to rely on the fat monitor any more than I rely on my scale. The only reliable thing is the tape measure.

Regardless, I'm pleased. It's nice to know there's one more thing I'm not too heavy for anymore.

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  1. OK, I found you blog when it came up on a c25k search and I think you might be my spirit animal...if that's a thing? My high was 345 and I started this journey in January and we seem to be hitting milestones at the same time! And reading your posts about airline seats made my want to cry, I feel ya. Plus I about had a stroke when I read you wanted to do an MLS (finished in '10. but library jobs are scarce where I'm at). So yeah. Sarah, you're awesome. Not because we have a lot in common, and not because you just informed me why my scale would error out before telling me my body fat percentage, but because you're posting all of this for others to read and not feel so alone. SPIRIT ANIMAL!


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