Friday, February 8, 2013

Mini-Goal: 50 Pounds GONE!

That's right. I nailed it. In fact, I flew past it. I didn't weigh-in at 307 this morning. Instead, I weighed in at:

Image courtesy of Ampersand Seven

306.0 on the nose. 51 pounds gone forever! I'm ecstatic.

Maybe I should make Friday my weigh-in day. I always see a drop Friday morning, whereas Wednesdays tend to be pretty static. I used to weigh-in on Fridays but switched to Wednesdays a while ago since that was my day off. Time to switch back, I guess. :)

Onto the march to 299! OMG I can't wait...


  1. Congrats!!!
    Here's to the end of plateaus! It sounds like you're well on your way! I know what you mean (from another post) about being more than a number, but that number can really make a difference. I remember how it felt to see that first number be a 1. It was really a mood lifter. It makes me angry that I let myself lose all the progress from that weight loss, but not this time! That being said, I've been stuck since Christmas. I know what the problem is, but I"ve been having a hard time doing anything about it. This is the week!


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