Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weigh-in & Chicago

Image courtesy of Ampersand Seven

Oops! I missed yesterday's weigh-in. I had Monday off, so my brain has been on the wrong day all week.

Anyway, I'm down a pound to 302.6! Just a couple more pounds to 300. :) It's amazing how a couple pounds can feel so close yet so far away. I remember thinking I'd be under 300 by Thanksgiving and then seriously disappointed when I didn't get there by Christmas or even New Year's Day. It's gone much slower than I imagined it would, but then I remember being 350, 340, 330 and it doesn't seem so bad. I got stuck between 310 and 320 for a few months, but 310 - 300 has been sailing along at an average pace of 1-2 pounds per week. :)


As I said, I had a personal day on Monday. I took it thinking I would need a full three days to finally recover from bronchitis, but it cleared up Sunday night. I felt restless and stir-crazy Monday morning, so I decided to go to Chicago.

I was a bit too late to make the second morning train from Kalamazoo, so I figured I'd drive. Driving gives me more time in the city anyway, since the last train from Chicago to Kalamazoo leaves at 6:00. I wish they had an 8:00 train.

Anyway, there was a bit of a snafu on the way, as the toll road no longer accepts MasterCard debit cards. I told them they could run it as credit, but they had a fit. I had to shut the car off and run across six lanes of tollway traffic to the McDonald's in the toll plaza. I used the ATM then ran back to my car. My coat is purple, and traffic wasn't heavy, but I still worried about getting hit. I stayed near the toll booths, though, where traffic was stopped, and everyone let me through. It's kind of hard to miss a fat girl in a purple coat. ;)

Once I got to Chicago, I parked in the economy lot at Midway and took the Orange Line into the city. I wouldn't normally park that far out, but taking the Orange Line from Midway into the Loop completes one step of my goal to ride every CTA line from end to end. :) I'm also SUPER close to completing the Red Line; I only have three stops to go. They're on the far south side, though, so I'll have to do that during the day and sit behind the conductor, just to be safe.

I had a good time in the city. I mostly just walked around and looked at buildings. I saw The Rookery and Chicago Board of Trade in the financial district on LaSalle. Then I went to Hershey's to get a gift for Brent and the gift store in the Hancock Building. They used to have really nice pictures and posters of Chicago, but I didn't see any this time.

After that, I went to Gino's East for dinner. I'd kind of hoped they sold pizza by the slice, but the smallest deep dish option was four pieces. I can barely eat two, so I skipped the pizza and ordered pasta. To be honest, I didn't like it, but I was pretty full from the chicken nooodle soup I got as an appetizer (which was very good), so it was no big deal.

I took the #151 bus to the Sears Tower, as I've always wanted to see The Ledge. The wait wasn't too bad, even though the express elevators were under maintenance. I waited about 30 minutes to go up and then 30 minutes again to go down.

The Ledge was awesome! I kept offering to take pictures for couples while standing there, and one of them offered to take my picture in return. I don't like my glasses (they're my old pair), but I love that you can see the city all around me.

It was quite an adrenalin rush. It was a lot of fun, but every time I looked down, I had to fight my brain's urge to push me back onto the regular floor. I could literally feel the muscles in my legs trying to turn and move back, even though I was fine. It was pretty funny and a very good lesson in biology/psychology.

After my fun on The Ledge, I took the Orange Line back to Midway, picked up my car, and drove home. I took I-94 instead of the Skyway this time, to avoid more shenanigans with the tolls. I had cash on me at that point, but I was still miffed about the earlier trip. Plus, the tolls have gone up quite a bit, so I don't know if the Skyway is worth it anymore. It used to cost around $2.80, but now it's $6.40. Someone suggested getting an I-Pass, since tolls are 50% off and you don't have to worry about carrying money, but you have to pre-load it with $50. I don't know if we'll drive to Chicago enough to make up for that. The only time we drive is when we're going just for the day; otherwise, we take Amtrak. So we'll see.

I really enjoyed my day to myself. I love wandering around Chicago and feeling anonymous in the big city. I'm so sick of Kalamazoo; I can hardly stand to even drive to work anymore. I need a change of scenery in a big way. Brent suggested going to Chicago as often as possible so I can get a break. I used to go almost every weekend, but that stopped a few years ago. Now that I've paid off my debts and have some extra "play" money again, I might do that. I have next Friday off since I'm working this Saturday, so I might head over there again. There are lots of things I like to do that Brent doesn't (like The Ledge), so I can use that time to do the things I like. He says he doesn't mind if I do stuff like that when we're there together, but I'd hate to make him wait or drag him to something that bores him. So these little day trips will be good for me, and then we can do the big stuff we both like during our trips together.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Image courtesy of Ampersand Seven

Down 1.2 to 303.4. Woot. If this trend continues, I'll be under 300 in just a couple weeks! :)

I'm really sick with a killer cold from Hell. I'm amazed I've lost weight, considering I've been eating like crap. I can barely get out of bed, so it's been a lot of quick, convenient food, like cereal and pizza rolls. I think it helps that I've been drinking a TON of water and orange juice, and I sweat my fever out yesterday. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the weight returns once I'm feeling better.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Image courtesy of Ampersand Seven

Down 3.8 pounds to 304.6. Yay! Just a few more pounds until that scale gives up a "2" instead of a "3".

It still seems completely unbelievable. I think a part of me will always feel like I'm 300+ pounds. Still, I'm going to party my big butt off when I get to 299. :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Mini-Goal: 50 Pounds GONE!

That's right. I nailed it. In fact, I flew past it. I didn't weigh-in at 307 this morning. Instead, I weighed in at:

Image courtesy of Ampersand Seven

306.0 on the nose. 51 pounds gone forever! I'm ecstatic.

Maybe I should make Friday my weigh-in day. I always see a drop Friday morning, whereas Wednesdays tend to be pretty static. I used to weigh-in on Fridays but switched to Wednesdays a while ago since that was my day off. Time to switch back, I guess. :)

Onto the march to 299! OMG I can't wait...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Wow. I can't believe it's been a week already.

Anyway, I'm down 0.2 from last week. Whoooo. ;) I shouldn't even count that. I could eat a saltine and gain that back! :) But it's pretty much where I wanted and expected to be after last week's whoosh. I knew I probably wouldn't show a loss this week since I lost so much last week, and that's okay. Maintaining is better than gaining, so I'm happy.

I'm one pound (one!!!) away from my next mini-goal of "50 Pounds Lost" and nine pounds away from 299. NINE POUNDS. It feels so close but so far away. I remember when 299 was waaaaayyyyyy off on the horizon, and now it's within reach. I'm getting incredibly impatient. I need to just chill out and let my body do its thing.

I have never been so motivated as I am right now. Once I hit 299, it'll feel like smooth sailing all the way down to goal. I'm not saying it'll get easier physically; psychologically, though, it will be a completely different ball game. I'll be so happy to be under 300 pounds and "normal fat" that I won't feel this incredible rush and push to lose weight like I do right now. So many things will be easier for me (chairs, airplanes, clothes), even in the high 200s, that I'll finally be able to relax and enjoy losing weight instead of still feeling like a giant chunk. I'll be able to enjoy life again while losing weight instead of still struggling to do everything like I do now, despite a nearly-50-pound loss.

It's amazing what a difference nine pounds is going to make in terms of my self-esteem and confidence. I know I'm much more than the number on the scale, but I doubt whoever said that ever weighed 300+ pounds. There comes a point where that number really does define you both in your eyes and society's eyes, as sad as that is.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Shoes

I had a doctor appointment yesterday. It was just a check-up to see how my weight loss is progressing and how I'm doing on the metformin and progesterone. So far, so good. We had a long conversation about how I get scared every time I eat, even if it's fruit or vegetables, because I'm convinced I'm going to stall or gain. He said that's common when coming off a plateau and suggested I see a counselor if it continues. I told him I was happy that I don't turn to food for comfort anymore and that I'm happy I don't sit there every five minutes planning an epic binge later that night, but now I've gone clear to the other side of the spectrum. Food isn't evil, and I need to convince myself of that. (I assured him I AM eating and not becoming anorexic; he did get worried for a second.)

We discussed the pain I'm having in my left foot and left knee. He didn't seem too concerned, thank goodness, and didn't recommend me to an orthopedist or podiatrist. He said the crunching feeling and sound in my left knee is common when a joint starts to wear and that it should ease up as I lose weight. He said to make sure I stretch, avoid anything with impact, and take ibuprofen and ice/roll my knee after working out. I told him it used to be much worse when I was 357 - I couldn't even get out of my recliner - but now it's just when I sit in a chair (like at the movies) where my hips sink down lower than my knees. He nodded and said that makes sense since it's like doing deep squats (which I'm forbidden from doing). He told me that if I have no choice, to try to put all of my weight on my arms and push-up, just like I've been doing but more exaggerated. He mimicked a pregnant woman getting out of a chair, which was worth the price of my co-pay. ;)

As for the foot, he told me to go to a running store and have them watch my gait, measure my foot, and get fit for some proper shoes. I'd been meaning to do that for a while; it was a no-brainer. The relief was when he said it was probably just arthritis developing in my foot from stress on the joints. He said that would also clear up with further weight loss and proper shoes. Phew! I really miss walking. That was my chief exercise the last time I lost weight. Plus, I'm getting really tired of babying my foot halfway through the Turbo Jam video.

I got my tax refund today (yaaaaaay), so I went to Gazelle Sports to get fit for shoes.

A really sweet young lady named Dana had me take off my shoes and roll up my jeans. Then she had me walk back and forth while she watched my stride. She said my left foot pronates a little, probably a habit from when I was bigger and had to waddle around my thighs (my words, not hers - ha!) She also measured both of my feet (right = 8, left = 8.5) and had me go up to a 9, which was weird, but she said it would be better since my feet need room to move as I walk. She said if I wear an 8.5, the front of my left foot is going to get shoved against the toe box every time it hits the pavement. Duh. I can't believe I didn't think of that.

I tried on three pairs of shoes: Brooks, Asics, and New Balance, and the Brooks Ariel '12 definitely won.

Image courtesy of

As you can see, they have a toooonnnnnn of cushioning in the arch and heel, right where I need it. She also said they have "motion control" which will help keep my left foot straight. They wrap around my heel perfectly, and they make me feel like I'm standing on a pillow. I told her I could have stood in them all day. She nodded and said most people with high arches buy those and love them. I'm really happy. I kind of want to wear them all the time, even with skirts and dress pants. :) She recommended I try to wear them around the house (whine - I hate wearing shoes at home) so my foot can start to heal. I kind of wanted to wear them out of the store, but it's all gross and slushy outside.

I did ask if they came in different colors, since I love those funky purple/yellow/pink/turquoise shoes runners wear, but they only came in white/turquoise. Rats. ;)

They were $140, which is right around where I wanted to be. I knew a good pair of shoes would cost $100 - $150. I really didn't care, as long as they were good. I see it as an investment in my health and happiness. Also, I'm sick and tired of being in pain.

I'm going to wear them tonight during my workout to see how they feel and if my foot feels any better afterward. I'm so excited!
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