Blogs That Inspire Me

I started writing a blog after reading others' for inspiration. Some of my favorites are:

All the Weigh: Kenlie's blog was the first weight loss blog I'd ever seen. I found it while searching for info about being too heavy for an airplane. I was about to visit Brent, and I was incredibly nervous that I wouldn't fit. She wrote an entry about flying Southwest and the nightmares therein. So, while her blog didn't exactly make me feel better, I DID keep reading because I'd never seen a success story from someone who weighed over 300 pounds. The more I read, the more confident I felt that I could lose weight. I didn't start losing weight for another two years, but her blog was always in the back of my mind, encouraging me to get started. I'm so glad I found it.

Success Along the Weigh: The Mr. and The Mrs. have lost over 200 pounds, each, and The Mrs. often posts delicious recipes in her food journals. I love reading her blog because I can identify with a lot of her past issues and many of her current victories. She's about forty pounds lighter than me, so when she posts about a new NSV, I think, "I'm almost there!" She has a great sense of humor, very dry and snarky. Also, I give mad respect to anyone who can go from 494 pounds to 250-ish without surgery.

111 Pounds: Leslie is trying to lose 111 pounds before her May wedding. She runs a 5K at least once per month. She's lost 95 pounds as of May 2013 and often posts gorgeous photos of her hiking excursions around her home state of North Carolina. She has two adorable dogs and usually includes them in the pictures.

Can You Stay for Dinner?: Andrea lost 135 pounds and has maintained her weight for six years. She writes amazing stories about her travels and life, and she posts recipes frequently. She even has a book coming out now. Her posts are honest, refreshing, and introspective. I cannot stress that enough. When she writes about her trips to Mexico and the tropics, her pictures and stories make me feel like I'm in a dream.

A Small Loss: Mary is definitely one of my favorites, right up there with The Mrs. Mary's starting weight was only 11 pounds below mine, and she's lost 154 pounds so far through a combination of Wii Fit (at the beginning), running, and biking. She's the reason I was inspired to get a Wii Fit. Also, I really identify with her. She lived in Chicago, moved to California, was wildly unhappy in California, and moved back to Chicago. She understands my desire to get back to Chicago (living there for a few weeks was all it took to hook me). Additionally, she writes about dealing with and recovering from binge eating, something I struggled with and ultimately helped lead to my weight gain. Thankfully, I haven't binged in a very long time, but there are still occasional days when I literally have to say to myself, aloud, "You. Don't. Need. That."


  1. Aww, thanks so much for the shout out! I'm so glad I checked my stats and saw this post! Congrats on kicking butt yourself and let's kick this lard to the curb (date myself much?) for good!

    1. You're welcome! I point to your blog every time someone asks me for something good to read.


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