Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Life Update, Weigh-In, Birthday!

Wow. Lots of things going on today. First of all, it's my birthday! :)

Me, circa 1979

When I woke up, I saw a present and card sitting on top of my laptop. Sneaky Brent!

Secondly, I've managed to lose six pounds of the weight I gained during Christmas, binging, and PMS. I weighed in at 313.2 today. I have to lose another 2.8 pounds to get back to my previous low weight of 310.4. I'm hoping to do that over the next week. I'm still really bummed about that gain, especially since I was only ten pounds away from 300.

On the other hand, I'm excited about today because I'm going to WMU (my alma mater) for some advising. I've decided to go to grad school for library science, a dream of mine since I was a teenager. Long story short, I'm going to WMU to see how close I am to a double-major, as I took a zillion History classes while working on my English major. I also have a few recommended pre-reqs for grad school I want to complete before I apply. I may just take the pre-reqs, but if I only have 3-4 classes left for a second major, I may as well finish that too. (I love being in school, so the idea of taking more classes excites me instead of annoying me.)

This means braces have to wait another year, as I'll be paying for school out-of-pocket, but that's okay. I'll have financial aid for grad school, so I can get braces while I'm working on my MLIS. The MLIS program is online, so if we do end up moving someday, it won't affect school. Wayne State is actually very cool in that they charge in-state tuition for their online program even if you don't live in Michigan. :)

After my advising appointments, I'm just going to hang out at home until Brent gets home from work. He's taking me to Zooroona, my favorite restaurant. They have amazing Middle Eastern food. I always get this salad with almonds and feta, chicken shawarma with this crazy-good garlic paste for dipping/spreading, lentil soup, saffron rice with raisins, and a fruit smoothie. Every bite of their food is full of interesting flavors. I could eat there every day. There's a chance our friends, Beth and Tony, will join us too.

I'm so excited to go back to school, even if I'm not quite as excited about turning 36. ;)

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