Sunday, January 6, 2013

Quick Update

Thanks to getting myself under control, I've lost five pounds of that awful water gain, and it's only taken me four days! Hopefully, I can drop the other four pounds and break even on Wednesday's weigh-in. I'd be happy to lose even more, though. ;)

We have some pretty fun vacations coming up. I'll probably write more about them later, but right now, I don't have the energy. I'm mostly excited because there's a good chance I'll be under 300 pounds for the first one and 260-270 for the second one. (I don't know why I always make these predictions. My body is fickle, so these predictions never come true, but they are fun to think about.)

Anyway, in March, we're going to Chicago to see KMFDM at the House of Blues. We're going to be much more chill during this trip so we aren't dead on our feet by the time the concert starts. Our only plan for Saturday is a trip to a small museum, dinner, and relaxing in the room. Brent will probably play computer games and watch movies while I go swimming. :)

In July, and I'm completely squee-ing over this, we're taking the California Zephyr to San Francisco to visit our friends, Mikey and Liz. They live SW of the city, in Boulder Creek, so we need to figure out how to split our time throughout the area. We definitely want to see some museums, Alcatraz, the Cubs/Giants game, Napa, and the redwoods. We'll probably stay in the city for a few days and then close to their place for a couple days. Mikey told me they can likely get a few days off as long as he isn't on-call that week, and they'll stay in the city with us. The train ride is 52 hours (over the course of three days), and it's the most scenic of all the routes. I am beyond excited. Seriously.

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This will also be somewhat of a "could we live here?" trip. Albuquerque is our #1 decision because of family and friends (and Brent misses the food), but personally, I would love to live near the ocean, and there's a lot more to do in SF, not to mention a huge variety of jobs, especially in Brent's field (software programmer). So we'll see how this goes.

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