Wednesday, January 2, 2013


In contradiction to my binging entry, I'm able to put up two NSVs today.

Back in October, I posted that I could finally put the armrest down at the movie theatre. It was still tight, but it was down.

When we went to see The Hobbit on Sunday, not only could I put the armrest down, it wasn't tight at all. I actually had some wiggle room to move in my seat to snuggle with Brent, bend over to put my phone in my purse, and so on. It fit comfortably, like I wasn't overweight at all. It was a nice, "normal" feeling.


Today was my annual eye appointment. The last time I saw the eye doctor was late November 2011, and then I went back in early January 2012 to pick up my frames. Both times, I was unable to sit in the waiting room chairs. They're really nice chairs with wooden frames, and I had to sit on the edge since the arms were too tight.

When the doctor called me in for my exam, I started to sit in the chair and realized it wasn't wide enough. He moved one of the armrests out of the way and very kindly said, "Here, let me make this a bit more comfortable for you," with absolutely zero judgement in his voice. I still felt horrible, though. That moment became one of many moments on the List of Why I'm Doing This.

I was a bit excited about going today because I've been really into this whole "Test All the Chairs!" thing. Every time we go somewhere we haven't been in a while, I get both nervous and excited during those few seconds before I sit down. Sometimes the chairs are still tight, but not as tight, and sometimes I fit just fine. Brent kind of smirks (in an amused, not mean, way) when he notices me wiggling between the armrests or checking to see if my belly has more room in a booth.

So, when I walked in, I gave the office manager my name, took my coat off, and headed straight for a chair. I sat down like I had every right in the world to sit there, and I fit just fine! It wasn't even tight. I could feel the armrests against my legs, but it wasn't uncomfortable at all; I just noticed them there. I felt so proud.

Then, when I went into the exam room, I sat in the exam chair before he could offer to move the armrest. Again, I fit just fine. It was a bit tight, but he didn't say anything or offer to move it. I was comfortable enough; it wasn't digging in, just kind of tight, like new jeans.

When he asked if I was on any new medication, I mentioned the metformin. I noticed a slight change in his poker face before he went back to neutral, and I quickly mentioned I don't have diabetes, just insulin resistance. (It is very important for an eye doctor to know if you have diabetes, so I knew he was just concerned, not judging me.) He asked, "Any other changes in health," and I was pleased to say, "Yes, I've lost nearly fifty pounds." He asked how long it had taken, and I told him about seven or eight months. He nodded and said, "Good. That's a healthy pace."

My eye test itself was fine. He noticed my astigmatism has adjusted a slight bit (the angle, not the severity), and then he told me I actually have 20/15 vision, and that's why it takes me a second to focus when I put my glasses on, since glasses correct to 20/20. He said without the astigmatism, I'd have A+ eyesight. I preened a little. :)

Side Note: my boyfriend, who is 38-years old, has 20/15 vision and probably won't need glasses until he's in his sixties. You all have permission to be wicked jealous of him.

Anyway, after we finished the usual stuff, he said, "We're going to do a new test today since you've entered the bifocal age range." I wish I had a picture of my face because he smiled and said, "Your vision is fine; we just have to do all of the required tests to be absolutely sure. You probably won't need them until you're 65." That made me relax a little, but BIFOCAL AGE RANGE?!? It made me feel so old. ;)

I actually really like bifocals, though. I know you can get them without the visible lines now, but when I do need them, I'll probably leave the lines on. They always make me think of librarians, and I think they look classy. Maybe I'm just weird.

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