Thursday, January 24, 2013

Turbo Sculpt

I really like Chalene's "Turbo Jam" cardio workouts, so I decided to try "Turbo Sculpt" last night.


I used to do "The Firm" in high school and college. It's a bit too hard on my knees and has a lot of floor work, so I can't pull it off the shelf again just yet. It's a great aerobic workout that combines lots of different hand weights. I was freaking buff in high school.

Anyway, I thought I'd give "Turbo Sculpt" a try since it uses one set of weights (3, 5, or whatever is good for you). I used a set of 3s just to be safe.


For one thing, there was a lot of leg work - squats and lunges - and I simply can't do that. My knees are still completely out of whack. In fact, I need to talk to my doctor about my left knee. My right knee is okay, but my left is awful. Same with my left foot. This is no surprise since I tend to shift my weight to my left. The Wii Body Test always confirms it. ;)

Secondly, the arm work wasn't that challenging, and it didn't make any sense. She had some really weird moves tossed in there, and I didn't feel like I was getting a workout at all. It wasn't a matter of how much weight I was using (five pounds would have been too much); it was just... meh.

I think I'm going to shelve "Turbo Sculpt". I wouldn't say it was a waste of a workout (no workout is a waste of time), but if I want to use weights from now on, I'll either go to the gym or do "Firm Parts: Upper Body", which is put out by (duh) "The Firm". It focuses on just your upper body and gives you a thorough workout without combining legs. That's perfect for me right now, since I can't do the full series yet.

I cannot wait until I can do that full series again. If you can find them on Amazon, buy them. It's kind of hard, though, since the tapes (yes, tapes) came out in the late 80s.

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