Saturday, May 19, 2012

New House

I am so excited.

We move into our new house in six weeks.


It's actually more of a duplex, since it's the entire top level of a huge historic home, but I think of it as a house because we have front and rear entrances, and it's 1700 square feet. (It's bigger than some of my friends' houses.)

Things that are squee-worthy:

- The square footage
- Formal dining room (it's big enough for roller skating)
- Fireplace in the living room
- Brent will have an office
- Normal size refrigerator/freezer, which means I can finally cook for real
- Basement w/ storage and laundry
- Two-car garage
- Two porches
- Winding staircase in the front; servents' staircase in the back (original to the house - our
bedroom is off that staircase, and it used to be the maid's room)
- House was built in 1853
- Instead of overhead lights in each room, we have electric candalabras on the wall. The dining room has a chandelier in the same style.
- BIG windows
- Radiators for heat = low heating bill
- No more yetis above us
- No more noisy neighbor next to us (he wakes us up with a lawn mower, leaf blower, edge
trimmer, and whatnot almost every day)
- No more noisy neighbors coming in and out at all hours
- Youngstown style kitchen sink (the picture below is an example)

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