Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tallying Up the Weekend

I was kind of scared to log my calories on MFP for the weekend. Not only because I was scared I'd gone way over, but also because I had a lot of different foods and knew it would be a pain in the ass to log every single one of them.

I had the same fear I used to when I was young and didn't have the hang of balancing my checkbook yet. Instead of wondering how screwed I was financially, I sat here and wondered how screwed I was... calorically?

Anyway, I typed and typed and typed away.

The bad news: I was 1100 calories over on Saturday. I already knew that, though.

The good news: I was 400 under on Sunday, 50 under on Monday (ha!), and dead-on yesterday (when I had a tiny binge). Today, I'm 400 under. That means I still need a deficit of 250 calories tomorrow, either through eating less or exercising. That shouldn't be too hard. :)

Monday was pretty hard to tally since I didn't have exact measurements, but I tried very hard to use what I knew of portion sizes when I filled my plate. Knowing I'd have to remember everything for my food log, I took exactly one tablespoon of each side dish and 3 ounces of various meats (3 ounces is the size of a deck of cards). I just had to remember how many tablespoons and how many decks of cards I'd eaten when I logged everything tonight.

All in all, I think I did okay. Even though I didn't get into trouble as far as calories are concerned, my nutrition was CRAP. I could tell just by the way I felt, and it was evident when I wanted to binge my face off yesterday.

Today was detox day. I had a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, grapes and string cheese for snacks, pork and a salad with almonds for lunch, and chicken with brown rice for dinner. I'm stuffed, even though I'm 400 calories under. I drank about 52 ounces of water during work. I'm starting to feel better already. I don't want to binge, and I don't feel hot and sluggish.

I was kind of worried I'd ruined it when I felt those binge urges yesterday. It's nice to know I can shush the monster in a matter of 24 hours now. I'll just have to be much more careful the next time we go out of town. :-P

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