Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Second Turbo Jam Workout

I had to skip my workout last night since our DVD player died. I got it in 2007, and it saw lots and lots of use and a few moves, so I'm surprised it lasted this long.

I went to Target and picked up a new one. By the time I got home and hooked it up, it was 11:00. I really wasn't in the mood to do something high-impact, but I didn't want to skip exercise altogether, so I went for a walk around the neighborhood since it was cool and almost-rainy. I ended up burning 438 calories, so it wasn't a total waste.

Tonight, I did Turbo Jam Cardio Party for the second time. I burned 1087 calories, just a hair over what I burned the first time. Holy cow!!! That included a water break and a couple of "fudging it" portions where I simply could not keep up with her. I know I'm only burning that many because I weigh so much, but whatever. I'll take it. Now I know why super obese people lose so much weight at first.

Anyway, I was in a crappy mood when I started the DVD, and I had to fight my bad mood all the way through. I wanted to stop and lay on my bed (since it was right there), but I made myself keep going because I have to. I just kept picturing all of the inspirational things I've saved on Pinterest. Plus, I hoped the music and movement would help my mood. Nope. :( Unfortunately, I just kept mulling everything over to the beat of the music. It's been a rough week.

Luckily, I have tomorrow "sort of" off. I say "sort of" because I have to go into work for two hours to make up some time.

I'm going to have lunch with my friend, Beth, and she's going to give me some moving boxes left over from her sister-in-law's move. Then I'm going to head into work from 1:30 - 3:30. I have an orthodontist appointment at 4:00, and it's on that end of town, so I chose those hours for a reason. Everything's going to think I'm nuts when I show up for two hours in the afternoon.

I'm excited about the orthodontist appointment. I thought it would take forever to get here, but now it's here! I really hope she proposes a treatment plan I can afford and live with. It would be nice to have straight teeth and a decent pants size in two years.

Anyway, between lunch with Beth and being proactive about getting my teeth fixed, tomorrow should be a much better day. Even with lunch, work, and the appointment, I should still have a couple hours to myself before Brent gets home from work. I cherish those hours alone because we're crammed into this tiny apartment and have absolutely zero space of our own. We move to the bigger place in 7.5 weeks. We can't wait!

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