Sunday, May 6, 2012

Turbo Jam

I just did my first Turbo Jam workout. It's a two-disc set with five workouts. I chose "Cardio Dance" for my first, after I did the "Learn" chapter (where she runs through the basic moves). It was pretty easy to pick up, since I did a lot of Tae-Bo and hip-hop in the past, but I can see where it might move verrrrryyyyy quickly for beginners. I highly suggest going through the "Learn" chapter and some of the slower workouts first, especially because Chalene could use a little work with her timing.

The music was a remix of some popular early 90s music, so I kept laughing. It was fun working out to that stuff again.

I liked that two of her dancers did low-impact versions of the moves. If you have joint issues, you can watch them and follow what they do.

I wore my Timex heart rate monitor for the first time. It took me a little while to figure out how to get my calorie total, but once I did, I was shocked. The workout was 43 minutes long, and I burned 1053 calories! Wow! It was such a fun, quick workout that I didn't feel like I was moving that much. I'm definitely going to make this my daily workout, with some Firm Upper Body tossed in for weight training since I need to get my arms toned and prevent as little loose skin as possible. I want these bingo wings GONE once I get to my goal weight.

I'm so happy I purchased this. I'm definitely going to spoil myself and get her Turbo Fire set as soon as I have some extra cash. Turbo Fire is newer and has newer dance remixes; plus, it's a lot of the same moves, and her cues are better. I might keep doing Turbo Jam until I'm comfortable with the impact, though, as I've heard Turbo Fire is like Turbo Jam on crack.

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