Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In

This is a Thai highway sign. I think it looks cool.

Woohoo! The scale was being finicky all week, to the point I actually panicked last night and called it a "dirty, lying whore", but it came through for me today.

I ended up weighing myself five times because I simply couldn't believe it. I'm down 2.8 pounds from last week, to 343.6, putting me at a two-week total of 5.4 pounds and an overall total of 12.4 pounds.

I need to start measuring inches too, since I can tell my clothes are fitting a lot better. My jeans need a belt, and they're a bit baggy in the thighs. I still can't get into the next size, though, so I'll try again in a few weeks.

Seeing that number drop to 343.6 after being "stuck" around 346 all week gave me a huge confidence boost. If I can lose just a teeny bit more during this next week, I'll hit 340. That's SO close to the 330s I can taste it. I can't wait to get into the 330s because then my first mini-goal will be within reach (331 = 25 pounds lost).

Yay! :)


  1. WOO HOO!!! Great job on the loss! Keep up your great work. :)

    1. Thank you! It feels like a drop in the bucket. Haha. ;) I'm comfortable with my new lifestyle, though, so I know there will be many more drops in the weeks to come. I just have to be patient. It's hard sometimes, but then I read your blog, Katie's blog, and The Mrs' blog, and I get my motivation back.

  2. I just discovered your blog today. I'm actually not being very productive at work because I keep stopping to read another entry, lol. I love the street sign with your weigh-in number. I think I may steal that idea for my MFP blog :)

    This is Tambookie btw from MFP


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