Saturday, May 12, 2012


This is our group image. Isn't he smexy?

I joined a Thintopia competition with some other ladies. I was a bit nervous, since I haven't really been tracking my progress as I get accustomed to the calorie-counting and exercising. I could feel changes in my body, but I didn't think my weight had changed all that much since that last drop over the winter.

The weigh-in day is Friday, so I weighed myself last Friday, and I was 349 pounds (down from 356 on January 18). When I weighed myself this Friday, I was pretty nervous. I wasn't sure if I'd see much of a change within a week, especially because, at this weight, it's hard to tell.

My weight was 346. I lost three pounds! It feels like a drop in the bucket, but I'll take every pound I can get. Soon, it will be three more pounds, then three more, then three more... And this past week wasn't hard at all. I was pretty casual about my eating instead of overly-careful, and I rested one night instead of exercising. If I really stepped up my game, I bet I could lose more, but part of me wants to stay in that 3 pound/week range so I don't get too much loose skin.

I know I need to bring my sodium down. I drink a lot of water, but I could stand to cut the sodium even more and drink more water and green tea. Sometimes I wonder if I'd lose a bit more if I didn't retain so much water. My feet are puffy more often than not, and my rings are usually tight. I don't like salt, so I don't eat salty foods, but I'm sure I eat a lot of things that contain not-obvious sodium (soups and whatnot). Now that I have the hang of the calories and exercise, it's time to focus on sodium.

It will be interesting to see next Friday's weigh-in. Doing the competition gives me accountability beyond my normal amount of, "I want to buy new jeans." Seeing my name near the top of the list would be awesome. It's my version of pushing myself harder so the person on the treadmill next to me doesn't think I'm a wuss. ;)

Also, my size 24 jeans are getting really loose in the waist. I find myself yanking them up all the time. I decided to go to Lane Bryant to see if I could put on the 22s. I was positive I couldn't, since there is NO WAY I'm a 22 yet, but I wanted to see how far they'd go.

I managed to get them on, but they wouldn't button, just like I thought. I pushed and pushed and sucked in my tummy, but there was still a three-inch gap between the button and the buttonhole. Ha! :) It was pretty funny. Anyway, even though I couldn't fasten them, which I didn't expect anyway, it was nice to see that I could get them on and that I could probably fasten them in another couple months. I thought about buying them so I could keep trying them every week (and note my progress), but LB jeans are too expensive to buy on a whim like that.

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