Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Conversation This Evening

Sarah (packing the kitchen): "I swear to god... when we move to Illinois or California, we are selling everything. I'm not doing this again."

Brent (staring at Diablo): "Okay."

Sarah: "Seriously. Anything sentimental can be shipped ahead or put in my car, but everything else goes. We'll buy all new stuff at Target and Ikea."

Brent: "Okay."

Sarah: "I have four cheese graters, three pizza cutters, at least seven lids that don't belong to any pots or pans, two corkscrews, eighteen spatulas, three stock pots... this is stupid. I'm not packing all of this again. As soon as we move, I'm making up a ton of boxes for Goodwill. We don't need multiple spatulas."

Brent: *spoons cereal into mouth and stares at Diablo*

Sarah: "Are you listening?"

Brent: "You're bringing the pizza cutters and spatulas to Goodwill. We'll get more furniture in Chicago."

Sarah: "Close enough."


  1. Haha, boys. They are ALL the same. :)

  2. sounds like the conversations at my house lol


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