Friday, June 22, 2012


I came down to 342 a week ago. Still 342 every day. Then, yesterday, I weighed in at 340.6. Yay! Coming down again!

This morning?


I tried to analyze what's different. On Wednesday, I painted the living room and moved furniture and boxes around. It was 97 and humid, so I was sweating buckets. Since I was painting, I had to have the windows open, and it felt like someone had stuck a blow dryer near the screen. I stopped every half-hour to drink an entire 20-ounce glass of water while I sat by the A/C. I didn't want to die of heat stroke.

So, when I weighed in on Thursday, I had burned calories, sweat umpteen gallons of water, and drank about a million ounces of water. I ate about 1700 calories on Wednesday, which was easy since the heat killed my appetite.

Yesterday, I didn't work as hard, so I didn't sweat as much. I also didn't drink as much water. Plus, we had Chinese food for dinner. BOOM. Weight back on.

Lesson learned: DRINK YOUR WATER


I'm having a major issue with my feet right now. I went for a walk on Monday night, and my left foot was sore across the top as usual. I walked Tuesday night and then stood around packing stuff for a few hours. On Wednesday, I could hardly stand, but I did anyway since I had to paint. Same on Thursday. Now I have a ton of pain around my ankles, heels, and the outside of my feet. It feels like someone put shackles on my feet because that's where most of the pain is. I have GOT to learn some foot stretches and get fit for the proper shoes and inserts. I love walking - it's my favorite exercise - and I don't want to give it up. Plus, I need to be able to walk for everyday stuff like, you know, work. And living.

I can do other stuff until my feet heal, but there isn't a lot that doesn't involve standing. I wish I had a pool. I'd swim every day. ;)

Anyway, this just makes it even more imperative I watch my diet like a hawk and make sure I get all of my water. I'm so scared the scale won't move again. I don't want to be at a plateau already. :(

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