Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Am a Beast!

I thought about this picture earlier, when I was being whiny and magenta. I decided, "Eff it," and put on my workout clothes. I grabbed my HRM just to see what was up, because I needed raw numbers to get me through the workout.

I noticed something strange about 1/4 in.

I didn't feel as hot and sweaty, and I was moving better. So, I kicked it up a notch.


My heart rate was the highest it's ever been (but still within a safe range), and I could tell I was rocking the HELL out of that workout. I freaking love Turbo Jam Cardio Party (Mix #1). This is definitely becoming my go-to workout.

Anyway, I didn't have to sit for a spell halfway through, and I was still dancing through the water break. I pushed it all the way to the end.

My reward?

Check my HRM:

I realize it's blurry. It says "TOT CAL: 1483".

I burned 1483 calories!

My highest ever was 1087.

I'm a beast!!! RAWR!!!

I feel happy and inspired again. If I can push myself that hard six days per week, I could drop two pounds per week from exercise alone. Obviously, I might not hit that number every time, but it's encouraging, and I feel pretty bad-ass right now.


1 comment:

  1. WOO HOO!!! I *love* breaking personal records, such a feeling of accomplishment! Keep up the great work!


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