Saturday, June 23, 2012


I'm at work today, so Brent said he would paint the bedroom. It's the last room to paint; I did the other two. He offered since I was dead tired and overwhelmed. He also cleaned out the storage closet and packed all of his stuff before I got home last night. Awesome. :)

This will allow me to focus on the rest of the packing tonight (there's very little left), and then I can spend all day tomorrow cleaning as much as possible. I want to get it clean to the point that all I have to do on Monday is sweep and wash the floors, which will be super easy once everything is moved out.

I don't know if Brent's ever painted before, but it's just primer. He knows how to take curtain rods down, and he can figure out a stupid paint roller and brush. I need to trust him more. I'm sure I'll be pleased when I walk in the door later and see the bedroom is finished. I need to give up some of my control freak-ish-ness. I always take on way too much work and end up tired/overwhelmed/cranky. I've always had issues accepting help from people, even when they're begging to help out.

Update: Not only did he do a smashing job with the primer, he also packed up most of the bedroom and the rest of the bathroom, took the (empty/dry) paint cans to the dumpster, and reattached the original shower head (we'd installed a hand-held shower head last summer). This was all accomplished in four hours. That man has more energy than a ferret.


My scale came down a pound this morning. Heh. I will never understand body weight and its inconsistencies. Anyway, I need to stop worrying about the ups and downs. I put on some underwear this morning that has always been SUPER tight. It's sort of a cross between boy short and hipster, almost like those tighty-whities boys wear. I bought them by accident (they were folded in with the hi-cuts at Lane Bryant). I always had issues getting them on, so they were in the bottom of my dresser drawer. They'd always cut into my thighs, and they were tight in the hips.

Well, when I pulled them out of the drawer this morning, they went right on and didn't feel tight at all. I didn't even realize which pair I'd grabbed until I caught myself in the mirror and thought, "HEY! These are the tight ones!" I hadn't worn them in a few weeks, so it was a nice NSV. :) Even my new jeans are starting to fit a little better.

Again, I will never understand body weight. I know I'm not gaining any muscle since I haven't been doing strength exercises, so I don't know how the scale can go up and down while my body is shrinking. Maybe I carry water weight in weird areas or something. :-P

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