Monday, August 13, 2012

A New Decade

Today isn't my official weigh-in, but I was so excited I couldn't wait to post.

I'm finally in the 320s!

I danced between the high 330s and low 340s for so long that even when I hit my first mini-goal last Wednesday (331), it still didn't feel very exciting to me.

Seeing that 329.4 on the scale, though, really made it hit home for me. I felt a huge rush when I saw that number come up. I had to weigh myself three times just to make sure. ;)

I feel like I have more drive and optimism now. It doesn't feel like such a chore anymore because I feel so much healthier. Watching that number come up validated everything I've been feeling for the past few weeks.

Getting into a new decade makes me realize the next one isn't that far away, and every decade achieved means I'm getting smaller and smaller. Talk about a psychological boost. :) I still don't think I'll be under 300 by Thanksgiving (that's Brent's prediction), but I'm going to do everything in my power to try.


  1. If you stick to your hard work you can most defiently be 300 by Thanksgiving! So happy for you!! Keep at it gurl!

  2. You are less then 5lbs away from using Wii Fit. One of your goals!!! So exicted for you.

    1. I know! I'm kind of tempted to try it tonight, but I know it won't work. I've probably gained weight from water throughout the day, and I doubt it's calibrated like my scale. I might start checking it every day, though. :)


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