Wednesday, August 29, 2012


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Today's weigh-in: 325.2

I will definitely take that 0.8-pound loss, considering I gained three pounds of sodium/water weight over the weekend. I kind of freaked out a little, even though I knew damn well I'd had too much restaurant food and alcohol. It was worth it, though. What's life without some weekend fun? This is a lifestyle change, not a diet, and that means I get to have fun with friends every so often, even if it means gaining three pounds.

Since I knew it was just water weight, I made sure to flush my system with lots of water, green tea, and healthy food over the past couple days. I was hoping to simply break even, so seeing a loss was pretty cool.

I'm still on-track to make my goal of hitting 299.9 (or less) by Thanksgiving. It's twelve weeks away, so that means I have to lose 2.1083 pounds every week between now and then. It's totally do-able if I keep drinking tons of water and increase my exercise a bit. I won't be super upset if I don't hit it, but MAN that would be exciting.

We're going to Albuquerque for Thanksgiving, so even if I can just get under 314, that'll be the lightest anyone there has seen me, including Brent. I'd be perfectly happy with 310 or 305, but being under 300 would make me ecstatic.

I'm also interested to see how different the train feels. As I said, the last time we took the train to Albuquerque, I weighed 356 pounds. The stairway between the upper and lower level of the train is a spiral, and my hips were rubbing the walls on both sides. It wasn't tight, but I could feel them touching both walls. Also, the restrooms are very tiny, and I just barely fit on the seat (my hips were squished between the walls around the toilet). Furthermore, the dining car booths were a very tight squeeze. My stomach was pushed in quite a bit, and I almost pulled the tablecloth and place settings off the table when I tried to get out.

So, for this trip, I'm excited to see if there's any change. I'm hoping that my hips won't touch the staircase walls, the restroom will be more comfortable, and the dining car booths won't be quite so tight.

Right now, my measurements are almost identical to my measurements from September 2010, one month after I took the train to Albuquerque for the first time. I took my measurements on a whim because I was going to try to lose enough weight to fly to Albuquerque for Thanksgiving. Yeah, it totally didn't happen, and that meant I had to wait until January to see Brent since I couldn't afford two seats. I actually gained weight that fall thanks to stress over not seeing him for six months, mourning my cats (one had to be put to sleep, the other got out a window), and training for my current work position. I spent night after night eating my emotions while watching TV shows on Netflix and Hulu.

August 22, 2010 - Raton, NM - 325 pounds

Anyway, on that trip, I don't remember brushing the staircase walls, the restroom wasn't quite so bad, and the dining car was still tight but not nightmarish. So we'll see. :) My weight comes off my hips last, so this will be a true challenge.


  1. You can do it just keep it up the trai ride will be awesome :)

  2. You definitely CAN do this!!:) You will be down to where I am soon!! I'm hoping to be down below 300 this would be nice.


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