Monday, August 20, 2012


I am very excited.

As a reward for my weight loss and overall awesome-ness, Brent bought me my very first iPhone. I've had this dinosaur phone that takes crappy pictures and doesn't have a touchscreen, apps, or any other cool stuff (I can't even browse the web) for years. iPhones were always out of reach, and when my Sprint contract was up for renewal two years ago, I still couldn't afford one, even at the discounted price.

This year, however, I got a $150 discount for renewing, and they had a $350 online markdown on the iPhone 4S (16GB). 16GB is more than I'll ever need, so I was super happy. The grand total was only $149! I'm so freaking impatient to get this thing. UPS has it on the truck right now. I already have a huge list of apps to download. ;)

I'm all about instant everything, so it will be nice to be able to take a picture from the train on the way to Albuquerque, upload it to Facebook, and say, "Good morning from Colorado!" or, "Having dinner in Missouri - look at this gorgeous steak!" It will also come in handy whenever I see something that absolutely must be shared with my best friends, like the kid with a mullet driving a John Deere tractor toy the other day.

Brent also has a dinosaur flip-phone, so he decided to buy himself a smartphone while he was getting mine. He can't stand Apple, so he got a Samsung Galaxy (whatever the new model is).


I have my follow-up doctor appointment on Wednesday. He hasn't seen me in four weeks, so I'm excited for him to see how much weight I've lost. I was 342.4 pounds at the last visit, and I weighed in at 327.4 this morning. That's fifteen pounds on the nose!

We're going to review my blood work as well, and I'm a mix of excited and anxious to see the results. I know that no matter what the news about my cholesterol and all that jazz, everything can be treated with diet, exercise, and medication. I'm really hoping to avoid diabetes, though. I had an A1C done a little over a year ago, and it was perfectly normal, but things may have changed over the past year. I suppose we'll see in a couple of days.

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  1. You're doing soooo great!!! The doctor will be happy!! Or should be anyway!!LOL I have to see the doctor tomorrow too...hoping for some better news than what I'm fearing.

    Cool about your new phone!!:)


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