Friday, August 24, 2012

Wii Fit

You guys! It finally accepted me!

Remember when I wrote earlier today that I hit my "325" mini-goal and that I'd try the Wii Fit again, but it would probably reject me like it has every day since I got under 330?


I passed the weight test, and it actually reported my weight as 325.5, even though I was 325.4 by my scale this morning (before eating tacos for lunch and two of those delicious Fiber One bars as snacks). I was pretty amazed that it didn't weigh me higher. I thought I'd made it by the skin of my teeth at 329.6 or something, but it was almost five full pounds under the weight limit.

Anyway, yay!!! Now I can play fitness games. :-D

Onto the next mini-goal!

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