Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I think my interview went well. It's hard to tell (I'm my own worst critic), and I won't hear for a few days or more.

My current boss sat on two of my interview panels in the past. The first was when I applied for my current position (and didn't get it). Then, she was on the panel the second time I applied for it (and got it). Both times, she approached me afterward to compliment me and say I rock at interviewing. I think it's funny she's my boss now. We were both happy when we saw we'd be working together. :)

Anyway, she wasn't at her desk before my interview, so I approached her afterward and told her all about it. I told her what I said in response to the, "Tell us a little bit about yourself," question that everyone dreads, and she said it was the best response she'd ever heard! She asked how I came up with it, and I told her I'd been researching tips before my interview. She even asked for the links so she could help coach others. I was pretty happy after hearing how excited she was. Even if I botched this interview, at least I know I have a strong opening for the next one.

I'm mostly worried because I wasn't feeling well, so I'm not sure if my energy and personality came through. Additionally, I was really warm, and my mouth was super dry, so I was concerned about my appearance (Do I look flushed and sweaty? Is my hair frizzy?) and the dryness in my mouth affected my speech and tone. I was more soft-spoken than usual, which is probably fine since I can be kind of loud. ;) Still. That really bothered me. Even my boss asked, "Did you bring your passion and energy," and I was all, "Yeah... not so much. I was dying to drink a gallon of water and put on a tank top."


In other news, my weight is dropping pretty steadily again. Freaking finally. When I went to the doctor last Wednesday, I weighed 342.4. Today, I weighed in at 336.4. Holy crap. Six pounds in a week? Brent said it was probably just a matter of time, breaking the plateau with a whoosh, etc. We'll see if I can keep that for my official weigh-in on Friday. I've been really bad about posting Friday weigh-ins the past few weeks or so, but it's because my weight wasn't changing. I was dancing between 340 and 342 for a loooooooong time.

I'm not entirely sure if this was a water weight drop or not, so I'm really interested to see what my weight is next week. I have been super good about my calories, the type of food I eat, and drinking water, so maybe I really have pushed my body back into gear again. I was so lazy during June and July because of the heat. Now it's time to get serious again. If the scale is correct, then I'll be able to use my Wii Fit (in the air conditioning!) in just a few weeks. :)


  1. The interview I had for my first job in my field, the guy who became my supervisor sat in on the interview. He told me after I was hired that I was the WORST interview he had ever seen. But he said they liked me anyway. I bet hearing you're the best interview is WAY better than hearing that you're the worst. (I hate interviews with a passion!) Thankfully I have gotten jobs when needed even with my terrible interview skills. :-)

    1. Oh no! Did he work with you to improve your skills, or at least give you some constructive feedback so you know what to do (or not do) next time?


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