Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I was in the shower last night, and as I was shaving my legs, I noticed the bottom of my calves and the area around my ankle looked weird. I turned my leg a few different ways, trying to figure out if it was a shadow or weird lighting. My leg just looked so strange.

Then I realized what was wrong: no more cankles! All of the fat from the base of my calf near my ankles is gone. I can see my ankle bones again, and the area near my foot looks "normal". I can't remember the last time I didn't have cankles. I've been avoiding some of my skirts for a couple of years because I didn't want anything that showed my lower leg and foot.

It's really funny because the rest of me is still so fat, but I don't have "fat girl ankles" anymore. That's why I did a double-take. Those aren't my ankles! They look like my ankles when I was a size 14. It amused me so much I had to show Brent, who just looked sort of confused since I don't think he ever noticed if my ankles were fat or not.

Anyway, I keep looking at them, even though I'm wearing jeans today. My co-workers probably think I'm nuts because I keep lifting my pant leg up a tiny bit to sneak a peek. :)

Unfortunately, my feet are still kind of wide (some of my wide shoes still don't fit), but I'm hoping that will change as I lose weight. I'm still concerned I did permanent damage because I was heavy for so long (as in, I destroyed the tendons and bones and my feet are permanently wide and slightly-flat), but only time will tell. I've always worn a wide, but I didn't start wearing a WW until I was over 300 pounds. Hopefully, I'll be back in an 8W once I get under 300 pounds.

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  1. AHH! Love this!!! I definitely marveled at every little change - the bones in my hands still freak me out sometimes!

    Also - my shoe size definitely dropped with the weight. I was an 11 (sometimes 12) and always wide - now I'm a 9, and only wide for certain styles.


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