Tuesday, September 11, 2012

35 Pounds!

I know my official weigh-in is tomorrow, but I hit 35 pounds lost this morning and wanted to give myself the badge. ;) I weigh 321.4 pounds.

The current issue I'm struggling with is this: do I share on Facebook? I posted when I lost 25 pounds (August 8th), so I don't want to come across as an attention whore; however, that was a month ago, so maybe it wouldn't be AW-ish?

I have a friend who lost a bunch of weight recently, and she posted at 25 and 50. I wouldn't have minded if she'd posted at 35, 40, or whatever, though.

Someone told me I should stop mentioning it and let people notice or wait until I've hit "a really big number, like 60 pounds lost, something awesome like that". I told them 25, 35, and so on is something big to be proud of, especially since they and many other people in my life have always lectured me about my weight, even when I was 165 pounds.

(Yes, I made it a point to say that when I'm back to that weight, I will flip out on anyone who lectures me because I spent all that time thinking I was fat and hiding myself in photos, when in reality, I looked really good.)


Post or not?

I think I'll post. If people don't like it, they can hide me from their feed.


  1. I say post! Seriously, people post about their cats (that would be me), their kids, what they're eating for dinner, and all kinds of other daily stuff, and no one thinks twice. There's no reason you shouldn't post about something really, really awesome like hitting a new weight goal!

    1. That's a good point. I think I got tripped up because cats/dinner/books is more, "Here, look at this." Posting about my weight loss is more, "Here, look at me." I'm trying to get over that, especially because everyone has been so loving and supportive.

  2. Post and be proud! I had the same doubts recently, but I posted my "3 pounds to 30 lost" recently. People are very supportive. I've only had people comment on how many pictures of my girls I put up...but that's so my parents can see them.

    I've just read through some of your recent posts (having just discovered your blog after you posted your 35 lost) and it sounds like mentally you are in a great place! I'm glad they were able to figure out the medical reason it's been so hard for you. you make me want to dig out my Wii Fit again. I've been thinking about it but haven't been motivated to do much in the morning since I stopped trying to jog (doc said to stop to try to get rid of the pain in my foot). I could do it in the evening with my girls too. Valerie would think it's great! Thanks!


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