Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tigers & Kitties

I've named the boy kitty "Sherlock". That name came to me when I saw how inquisitive he was, with that little head-tilt and assessing gaze. He also gets into everything and has to know everything. I absolutely adore Sherlock Holmes; I was an English major, focusing on Victorian Lit, so this is perfect.

He follows us all over the place. It's so cute and funny. I mostly call him "baby bear" and other things. It's funny how you can name a cat something and never call them that. Brent always calls Winter "Little Miss Meow".

She's definitely his cat. She is completely attached to him. She likes me and lets me pet her, but you can tell Brent's her favorite. She sits on his desk and follows him around all the time. She spends most of her time in his room, whereas Sherlock is usually out here with me or sleeping on a dining room chair. Sherlock tends to sleep on my bed, and Winter stays in Brent's room most of the night. (Brent and I are fine; we have separate rooms because he snores and I'm a light sleeper.)

The Tigers game did, indeed, get rained out on Friday, so they've rescheduled for today. Brent told me they had a really swanky box, courtesy of his company, and he has a ticket for me if I want to go. Some of the guys who went Friday aren't going again today. I've been back and forth on that.

On one hand, it would be really cool to say I've been in a swanky box at Comerica Park, and I do love baseball games, road trips, and Detroit. On the other hand, I called into work yesterday because I still wasn't 100% and skipped my friends' wedding. I'd feel awful if I went to the game today; plus, I'm feeling a lot better (except for this cough), and I'm worried I might relapse. On top of that, I don't feel like being social, and it's supposed to be 50 degrees during the game. Not exactly great weather when you've been sick. I keep hearing my parents' voice saying, "You didn't go to school yesterday, so that means no hanging out with friends today." Haha. :)

I'll probably stick around here and watch yet another marathon of "Law & Order: SVU". Is there really anything better than covering up with a blanket, snuggling with kitties, watching "Law & Order", and trying to beat your boyfriend's score at "Angry Birds"?

Yeah, didn't think so. Plus, that would mean having the house to myself again. Double score.

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