Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tickers & NSV

Someone sent me a private message and asked why, sometimes, my tickers don't match up with my published weigh-in. I replied to them, but then it occurred to me that some of you may wonder as well (if you even noticed).

I weigh myself every morning, as soon as I wake up. I've found this is the most consistent time to weigh myself, as my weight fluctuates so much throughout the day. Sometimes I weigh myself again at night just to compare and see how much food/water affects it. It can vary as much as 2-5 pounds! Now you see why I weigh myself first thing in the morning. :) Even doctors agree this is the best time to get your "true" weight, as you haven't eaten in approximately ten hours and your body is slightly dehydrated.

As soon as I weigh myself, I update MFP and the tickers. This way, my weight is always current. LilySlim saves your tickers if you create an account, which makes it really easy. The tickers are linked to that account, so you don't have to copy/paste the code every single time. Anyway, even if I gain, I change everything in the interest of being accurate. I love tracking data to see trends, and this helps. (I have a chart separate from the one on my weigh-in page.)

Weighing in every day doesn't work for some people, so I don't recommend it if you're someone who gets obsessed with what the scale says. For me, it's as routine as brushing my teeth, but for others, it can be a source of panic and stress. If you're one of those people, I recommend weighing yourself once per week, or even once every two weeks since some people don't see a change every week and can get depressed.

Most people I know pick a day mid-week since they tend to eat more on weekends. I actually eat less on weekends, but I use Wednesday as my official weigh-in day since that's when I have my monthly doctor appointments. It's also the weigh-in day for my Thanksgiving Goal group on MFP. My Thintopia group's weigh-in day is Friday, though, so that's another reason I like to keep track throughout the week. I swear it's not as confusing as it sounds!

Additionally, I've created a new "Measurements" page. Measurements are a good way to stay encouraged when the scale isn't moving. It also helps me keep track of which size to purchase since it varies, depending on the store.

Speaking of sizes, that's today's NSV. Last November, I had outgrown my size 26 jeans from Avenue, so I ordered a size 28. When they came, I couldn't get them over my hips. Once I did, they were a good four inches from buttoning. I had a meltdown. I did not want to order a size 30. I had never, ever been that big, and I refused to believe I was in "special sizes". To make matters worse, Brent got an email from his sister while I was struggling with the jeans, asking what size I wore because she wanted to get me a hoodie for Christmas. I said, "4X," knowing damn well it would probably be too small, but I could barely get myself to say anything with an X at the end as it was. When he sent the email back, I was standing near him, and I saw him type, "She said 4X. I'm pretty sure that's correct. Make sure it's big." I wanted to die.

Fast forward to this week: my Lane Bryant jeans have gotten too big, and I hate their new jeans, so I decided to try Avenue again. I ordered a size 24 and crossed my fingers.

I got them in the mail yesterday, and they fit! They fit perfectly! I'm wearing them at work right now, and they're neither too tight nor too big.

Additionally, that 4X hoodie I got for Christmas last year WAS too small. I managed to wear it that winter with a bit of stretching magic, but it was still a little tight through the belly and thighs. I love that hoodie because it's so soft and comfortable, so I was excited to wear it again last week when the weather got cold at night. I put it on, straight from the dryer, with no stretching, and it was almost too big! The band at the bottom doesn't even touch my thighs, and it's comfortable in the belly. It's starting to get that "I borrowed my boyfriend's clothes" look. When she asked Brent what size hoodie to buy me this year, I said, "3X," knowing it will fit.

I'm kind of kicking myself for getting rid of all of my 3X shirts. I had a LOT since I was in that size for so many years. Even though they were starting to show signs of age, at least it would have been something to wear. I only have a few 3X tops now, so I need to drop some money on new shirts and sweaters for the next few months. At least it'll be about six months before I'm in a 2X, so it's not so bad.

(I can't believe I'm borderline complaining about having to buy smaller clothes... ha!)

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