Wednesday, September 26, 2012


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Today is my official weigh-in day: I'm down to 316!

I am firmly and most assuredly out of the 320's and into familiar territory. This is definitely my "comfortable" weight. The old clothes I kept fit again, and I'm buying the same sizes I wore for years. What's strange is that I still feel heavier than I did when I weighed this much previously, even though I weighed this much for years and years. Getting down to 316 is much different than being 316. I still feel like I'm through the looking glass.

I've been between 310 and 320 since 2008, and I was just over 300 pounds for a few years before that. I did lose about 40 pounds in 2008, only to gain them back (and then some) a few months later, so now I feel like charging ahead, breaking that 300 barrier, and never, ever seeing it again. I want to get out of the "comfy zone" I've been in since 2004.

I have my monthly check-up with my doctor later. He should be pleased. He keeps telling me he'll be perfectly happy if I lose just one pound, or even maintain, but it's so nice to get that pat on the back when he sees the scale go down 5-10 pounds. :) We're also going to evaluate if he wants to keep seeing me every month or if it's time to switch to every three months. I haven't had any issues with the new medication (Metformin), so I have a feeling he's going to tell me to come back every three months from now on.

I really don't mind the monthly appointments, though. I love my doctor, and seeing him every month gives me even more incentive to stay on-track; not that I wouldn't, but there's a world of difference in being accountable to yourself when you step on that scale and letting someone else down. Know what I mean? Having this blog helps a lot too. I cringe whenever Wednesday rolls around and I haven't lost anything (or gained, ack). It forces me to take a look at my food diary and figure out where I took a wrong turn.

For that reason, I'm really glad I created this blog. I like having a journal again. I used LiveJournal every day when it was popular, but then Facebook took over and I lost that "journal" aspect. It's not like I can go through all of my Facebook statuses (statusii?) and read them like journal entries, and I didn't always have my camera with me, so I don't have pictures of some things and have to rely on my memory. (Score another point for finally getting an iPhone.)

Anyway, even when I reach my goal, I plan to keep writing this blog. I'm sure the format and style will change, and it will be about maintenance, strength training, and (possibly) 5K training instead of weight loss, but I'll still have a bunch of stories about Brent, the kitties, and life in general. :)

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