Monday, September 10, 2012

NSV & Pictures

It was really cold this morning, so I wore a hoodie to work. Mistake. It was 77 by lunch time.

I went out to cash a check and almost died. Since my bank is in the same strip as Catherine's, I decided to bop in there and grab a new shirt I could change into.

Hypothesis: Perhaps I can wear a 3X from regular stores now? I weighed in at 322.4 this morning, and I was just under that the last time my 3X shirts fit, so... maybe?

Result: YES

Finally, I can go clothes shopping with friends again. We'll still have to go to plus-size stores for me, but at least I can go to stores again. I hated ordering clothes online. Not only does the shipping suck, but the two stores I ordered from have sent me the wrong color 50% of the time (no exaggeration there), and I hate paying for shipping without knowing how something will look.

Anyway, when I tried the shirt on and grabbed a pair of pants in a smaller size, I could finally see how much weight I've lost. I'm still big, so it's subtle, but now I can see what other people see. Listen to Stacy and Clinton when they tell you FIT is very, very important.

I put all of the comparison pictures on the Photos page. Take a gander. :)


  1. WOO HOO!!! I've never been one of those "I wanna be a size X" girls, but oh! nothing feels so good as dropping sizes. Especially when it opens up clothing/store options!!! Congratulations :)

  2. I am so happy for you. I too had a clothing mile stone yesterday and I know how you feel. You are doing great congrats!


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