Friday, September 28, 2012

NSVs & Separation

Some NSVs:

-My computer chair was always a bit tight, and the arm rests would dig into my legs. It's comfortable now.

-Brent's computer chair wasn't even an option. I always had to perch on the very edge since the arm rests make it so narrow and I didn't even have a prayer of sitting back in it. Last night, I was able to sit in it comfortably.

-I kept two of my tops that haven't fit for a couple of years because I love them so much. Last night, they fit, but they don't fit quite well enough to wear in public yet. The arms are still a wee bit tight, and that pulls on the fabric above the chest a bit. They just look a little weird. I don't want to wear them until they're comfortable and lay properly. They should fit just fine once I lose another 10 pounds. (I bought them when I was just over 300.)

-One of my co-workers stopped me in the hallway this morning to tell me I look "noticeably thinner". This is the first time someone has made a random comment. I've had friends tell me they can see a difference, but they know I'm losing weight. It's nice to know someone who isn't looking for a difference can see it.

-I remember being shocked when I'd look in a mirror and see how much I weighed. My mental image still had me around 300 pounds. Now I'm happy when I see myself in a mirror because I'm still a bit shocked and pleased to see how much trimmer I look. I find myself experimenting with clothes to see which ones flatter me the best. I never used to do that when I weighed 300 initially, but now I enjoy it because I'm losing instead of gaining.

-I find myself seeking out chairs that used to be too tight, just so I can test them, instead of shying away from them because I'm worried they'll be too small. Brent is amused because I have a list of places I want to go, just to sit in the chairs. He refuses to cover the $25 admission to Adler Planetarium just so I can run into the theatre and sit down for a second. ;)

Also on the list: outdoor patio chairs at some of our favorite restaurants (like The Cheesecake Factory, pictured above) and those stupid seats at Wrigley Field. Unfortunately, I won't be able to test either of those until spring.

-I keep waking up on my stomach, which hasn't happened since I got up to my max weight. My belly was always too big to lay on it comfortably (it would crush my ribcage and cut off my breath).


Brent is driving to Detroit after work tonight. He's going to see Anthrax and some other metal bands at Harpo's. He's been gone so much the past couple of weeks. It's kind of funny because he never, ever goes out, ever, and now he's out all the time. He was in Detroit last Friday for the Tigers game, which got rained out, and then back in Detroit for the make-up game on Sunday. He went to a metal show in town a couple weeks ago, and before that he was in Chicago on a Friday night to see a concert. Before that weekend, I was up north for Labor Day weekend while he stayed home and worked.

I like having the time apart because we need that breathing space. We aren't one of those couples that has to be attached at the hip; quite the opposite, actually. We're very independent people. I just can't get over how quiet it is when he's gone. I miss seeing him in his office, but it's nice to have the quiet. ;) Plus, now I have the new kitties to keep me company. It's very relaxing and reminds me of when I lived alone with my two kitties, Gomez and Morticia.

We were talking about how I should start going to Chicago on my days off to do things he wouldn't want to do - like historical tours, Shakespeare plays at Navy Pier, and anything involving heights or water - because I need that enrichment in my life. I don't get a lot of culture or fun around here, and he knows how much I love "escaping" Kalamazoo. So now I'm making a list of all of the things I want to do in Chicago. :)


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