Monday, October 1, 2012

Detroit Dives

As I mentioned in Friday's post, Brent went to Harpo's in Detroit for the Anthrax/Testament concert on Friday night. Since I had the evening to myself, I decided to watch a "Law & Order: SVU" DVR marathon with the kitties. I had to work Saturday, so I was in bed before Brent got home.

His truck was broken into while he was at Harpo's! Since he didn't want to wake me up when he got home, he emailed me at work the next morning to tell me his side window had been broken. A few other people parked near him had their windows broken too. I was shocked but kind of wanted to laugh too. I mean, that's so typical of that area of Detroit. In a way, I wasn't shocked, and that's what amused me. We'd been talking about what a sketchy area that is, and he was actually kind of excited (we both love urban areas). The KFC had a security window in their drive-thru, and as he was walking toward the building before the concert, he texted me to tell me two ladies were trying to sell him Xanax.

So yeah, it was pretty typical for that area, but it definitely put a damper on his night. I felt so bad for him because he had to drive all the way home on I-94 with no passenger-side window, and even with the heat cranked it was super cold. It got down to 51 Friday night.

Luckily, the only thing they took was his work bag. Unfortunately, that had a bunch of USB drives, his project book with all of his notes, his calendar, his checkbook, and a few other random things. The bag had been made for him by a good friend about 15 years ago, so he was really bummed about that. They didn't take anything from his glove box, his flannel, his favorite hat (he found that on the ground), his cigarettes, his CDs, the shells and rocks on his dashboard (he's been collecting them on trips to various bodies of water since 1995), or his phone (which he had with him, thank goodness).

The USB drives didn't have any personal or work info on them, but his notebook had some work passwords in it. Additionally, he had to call the bank and cancel the checks within that number range. He's going to keep monitoring for suspicious activity. I told him to change his account number since you can use a routing and account number for things like PayPal and other subscriptions, but he's just going to keep an eye on it.

I had him check his glove box to make sure they didn't take his registration and insurance cards, since people use those to make fakes, but they were still in there.

Since I work in auto claims, I gave him a few glass shop recommendations, and he had it fixed this afternoon. The window cost $165 to replace, and he had to buy a new work bag, notebooks, and USB drives. Blargh. Poor guy.


  1. That totally sucks. I think I would have gone ahead and got the xanax after that fiasco, haha! Just kidding. :)

    1. I told him he should have bought some since we're planning to fly to Florida next spring (he's terrified of flying). ;)


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