Saturday, October 20, 2012


Brent and I went to see Sinister tonight. I was very excited, not only because it looked good, but also because I hadn't been to a movie since April, when I was still close to 350 pounds. I always had to raise the armrests in the theatre, and my thighs would get sore from the seat frame cutting into the middle of them.

Before we went, I decided to try on one of my favorite tops, one I haven't worn in two years because the arms were too tight and it didn't cover my belly anymore.

It fit.

Closer view of the detail. This picture was taken three years ago. It's a black sweater with a black satin insert and satin-covered buttons.

Then, I put on my dressy black boots, which I couldn't even get on my feet earlier this year.

They fit.

It felt great to walk around in those boots again. I tried wearing them a couple years ago, when they started to get tight, and my calves were screaming by the end of the day. Tonight, they were just fine, and they looked great with my new (faux) leather jacket.

When we got to our seats, I got so nervous. It was hilarious. They were just theatre seats! But I'd built this up for so long, and it was really important to me.

I fit!

I didn't take a picture because the previews were on and the lights were down, but I was just fine. It was a little tight, but the armrests were down, and they weren't resting on my legs. I put my soda in the left armrest and then lifted the right one so I could snuggle up to Brent. (Hey, the movie was scary.)

I was kind of high on awesome when I got home, so I updated the Photos page and the Measurements page.


Special Bonus Photo:

Sherlock photobomb! :)


  1. VERY happy for you! Pics looks awesome!! I know how the movie theater seats are..believe me!!


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