Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lesson Learned

Thanks to PCOS and its tendency to skip cycles, this past week was my first cycle since seriously tracking my weight loss. So, of course I freaked out a bit when I gained six pounds of water weight. I wondered if it would stick around. I wondered how hard it would be to take off. I wondered if it was my cycle or some other freak occurrence. I was back in the 320s after being smack-dab in the middle of the teens, and that made me Very Mad. I'd just passed the 40-pound mark, and now I had to not only get back under 320 but also get back under 40 pounds lost.


I read countless articles and forum posts from doctors and MFP members stating that this is completely normal and happens to lots of women, which I knew but had never experienced... I think.

I never noticed the water gain before because I never weighed myself like I do now. I didn't even own a scale until this past spring. So, in the past, I may have been bloated, but I honestly don't remember because feeling bloated and fat was a daily thing. Since I didn't own a scale and didn't weigh myself every day, I never noticed the change in weight. At least now I know for next time and can try to prepare myself as much as possible.

The other day, I was close to 322. Now I'm back down to 318-ish, thank goodness. I've been pumping gallons of water and green tea with lemon into my body, and I exercised longer than usual yesterday. My jeans already feel comfortable again, so I think I've won this battle. I could hardly button them the other day. Tomorrow's weigh-in will probably show a gain, since I was 315 last Wednesday, but at least I know why now. Grumble.

Anyway, I have six weeks left until Thanksgiving. To meet my "under 300" goal, I'd have to lose just over three pounds per week. Yeaaaahhhhh... not going to happen. ;) I may have to move that goal to Christmas, which would give me eleven weeks.

The more I think about it, though, the more I think I may drop the timeline goals, i.e. "under 300 by X". I already have mini-goals to hit certain milestones. I don't know if I need the added pressure of time for each one. I keep telling people it isn't a race and that any weight lost is a Good Thing. Maybe it's time to take my own advice?

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  1. I know that water weight gain sucks...I take blood pressure pills..which are basically "water pills." If I don't take them for a couple of days..I gain betweein 5-10 lbs of water weight!! That's crazy. Plus around my period..I have noticed a gain..which I hate..so try not to weigh myself around that time of the month..but my cycle has been weird this year..so never quite sure when it's coming...very annoying. I'm glad that you & I are around the same weight..it helps me to stay motivated because you are & would love to keep up with you.:)


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