Friday, October 12, 2012


I'm so excited! We're leaving for Chicago when I get out of work today. I took a 7:00 shift so I could get out at 3:30. It was so hard to get up at 6:00, since I'm used to getting up at 9:30, but getting out at 3:30 instead of 7:00 is going to be pretty awesome. ;) I've had two cups of coffee already, and I loved that it was nice and quiet in here until 8:30, when most of my co-workers showed up. Plus, it's kind of funny that I'll be going to lunch shortly after the 10:30 shift workers (my normal shift) come in for the day. Nyah nyah. ;)

Anyway, as soon as I get out, I'm going to pick up Brent at his office, and then we'll leave from there. It's much easier than going all the way home, since that's northerly and backwards. I work just off of I-94, and his office is west of mine, so it's perfect. I'm super bummed about leaving the kitties for the weekend, though. I pet them and kissed them this morning, and I made sure they had plenty of food and water for the weekend. I feel bad because this is the first time they'll be alone all day, let alone all weekend. Brent is always home by 7:00, and I come home around 7:30, so I know they're going to be wondering where we are once the sun goes down. Poor kitties. :( Brent says I'm going to miss them more than they'll miss me (probably true), but I still worry.

I am going to try really hard to make it to the South Shore train station before the train leaves, but it's going to be tight. I have to hope for light traffic and no cops. Even if we maintain a decent speed (78-80), it's going to be tight. I told Brent if we miss the train, we can always just drive to Chicago and park on a street; or, we can head to Gary and catch the next train, but I'd almost rather drive to Chicago at that point since it's so close and we'd have to wait in Gary for an hour and a half. I'm trying to weigh dealing with rush hour traffic and parking versus waiting for an hour and a half with a book and taking the easy way into the city. Given how tired I am, my brain is voting for "easy" right now.

Wow. My day is almost halfway over. I need to work this shift more often. This is kind of cool. :)


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