Saturday, October 6, 2012


I went to Lane Bryant last night because I really need a fall jacket, and I haven't had a leather jacket in years. They had a cute, black, faux leather motorcycle jacket (with leopard print lining!) on sale for $70, so I called and had them put one on hold for me.

Unfortunately, they didn't have a 26/28 - I have to buy things larger to fit over my hips - so they put a 22/24 on hold. I thought it might fit my upper body okay but wasn't sure about the lower body.

I went over there after work, tried it on, and it fits perfectly. Since it only comes to the top of my hips, I didn't have any issues zipping it up. I did try another, similar jacket in a 26/28, but it was baggy. Even the salesgirl said it made me look bigger and grabbed the back to bunch it up and show me how much better I look when things fit. I explained that if something comes over my hips, I have to go a bit bigger, even though it's baggy on my upper body. Damn pear shape. ;)

I'm still trying to get over second-guessing myself when choosing a size, though. Buying things bigger than I need them is a habit I really need to drop. I told the salesgirl that I've been losing weight, and she said, "Oh, then you should definitely buy something that fits; otherwise, the baggy thing will be super baggy in a month, whereas the thing that fits will just be "comfortable" and you won't have to buy new clothes every few weeks." Good point. ;)

Anyway, as she was ringing me up, she gave me the usual spiel about saving 15% if I open a Lane Bryant card. I said, "No," like I always do, and she kept asking. I said, "There's no way they'll approve me." She started to open her mouth again, and I said, "Seriously. I had a card when I was 20, along with a billion others, jacked up my credit, and I'm only just starting to get it together. Catherine's denied me a card last fall." But then I thought, "Oh, what the hell. At least it'll shut her up."

So she ran all my stuff, and I waited for the denial.

A few seconds passed, and she said, "Oh, this is a good sign. It only delays if you're approved."


Sure enough, I was approved for a $300 credit limit. Perfect number! Not too high, and not too low. :) It's just enough for those, "Oh, holy crap I need an outfit for a wedding," or, "Whoa, they have sweaters for 75% off this weekend only," moments. I can easily pay off a $300 charge (assuming I max it) in one month, so there's no danger of carrying a balance or being late with a payment. Yay! Double-plus bonus: she said I can use it at LB, Catherine's, and the LB/Catherine's outlet since they're all under the same company.

She also told me she could put the jacket on the card right away and that anything else I bought would also qualify for the 15% discount. So I ran around the store, resisted temptation about a million times, and decided to get some workout clothes.

I've been wearing old, ratty, cotton workout gear that I've had for a billion years, and I've always wondered how much better that wicking fabric would be. Everyone says you don't need expensive workout clothes from UA or Lululemon, but I've always wanted to give the special material a try. I hate when I get sweaty and my clothes feel like they're suffocating me. Plus, cotton is just so thick and heavy. So, I grabbed some Reebok pants and a shirt, both with "Stay-Dry" labels. The pants are suuuuuuuuuper long, so I'm going to have to hem them before I try them out tonight. When I held them up so that the bottom of the legs hit the top of my feet, the waistband was hitting my chest. :-P

I figure these will be really good for working out at home, especially for Turbo Jam. When I go for walks, I'll still wear sweats and a t-shirt/hoodie since it's getting cold (and I refuse to wear clingy workout clothes in public).

I'm still surprised I got approved. I'm glad I can use this to get my credit score up even higher and show the creditors I'm now a responsible 35-year old adult with a good income instead of a 20-year old college student who delivers pizzas. Eventually, I'll qualify for a regular charge card again. I can't wait. I've always hated that I don't have one for emergencies. Plus, it would be nice to earn some bonuses for flights or Amtrak.

Sooooo, on a whim, I applied for the Amtrak Guest Rewards Master Card last night, but they denied me. ;) I know department stores' guidelines aren't as strict as the major banks, so that didn't surprise me. Someday, though, I'd love to get that since I pay all of our bills online, and you get 1-3 points for every dollar spent. We'd be able to get a free room on a long-distance train once or twice per year. :)


In completely unrelated news, I'm not looking forward to weighing in next week. I'm bloated like a baby beluga right now, so I'm taking Pamprin and drinking gallons of water. I don't think it's helping, though. I've gained five pounds of water weight in past two days. Damn doctor fixing my hormones. ;) I was perfectly fine skipping my cycle for six months at a time. /shakes fist

Anyway, I'll be happy if I simply break even next week, but even if I don't, I won't get (too) upset. It isn't a race, and the water weight will go away soon enough. I think my Thanksgiving goal of 299 is going to become my Christmas goal due to this speed bump, but hey... under 300 pounds by the time a new year rolls around? I'm perfectly fine with that. :)

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  1. I would love to have an account at Lane Bryant!!:) But, like you, my credit SUCKS. I'm glad you were approved though! That's awesome!! I'm hoping that I can be under 300 lbs by at least the end of November...but at the rate I'm will probably be more towards the end of the year as well...will have to see. Love reading your blog.:)


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