Thursday, April 19, 2012


In this quest to re-shape my body, I've also decided to re-shape my teeth. May as well be the fat kid in braces for two years and have all the ugly gone ASAP, right? ;)

My family couldn't afford to put me in braces when I was a teenager, and then I couldn't afford them when I was in college and just starting out in the career world. Now that I have a good job with an awesome insurance plan, I can finally afford them. Also, my wonderful boyfriend, Brent, has offered to kick in some money toward them if they end up being over my budget. Isn't that sweet?

I have an appointment on May 9th. Dr. Sage is going to look at my teeth and the way I bite and then give me my treatment options/costs.

If I decide to go ahead with it, we'll set up a second appointment for me to come in for full-mouth X-rays, molds, pictures, etc. This is also where we'd work out a payment plan, taking my insurance and FSA into account. I'm so excited!

I figure it will take just under two years to get to my goal weight, and most braces take 2 - 2.5 years to do their job, hence the "ugly duckling" joke earlier. It's kind of crazy to think I'll be 37 before I'm finally happy with my body and looks, but it's better late than never.

I've been self-conscious of my teeth for as long as I can remember. I hate when I see pictures tagged on Facebook, and I catch myself getting envious every time I see everyone else's pictures, where everyone has straight, perfect teeth. It's been practically an obsession for years and years, because unlike being heavy, I hardly ever see anyone with crooked teeth. My friends were either blessed with good genetics or had braces when they were teenagers.

Cool Thing - Braces nowadays are much smaller than they were back then, so you don't get the train track effect. Dr. Sage also offers clear ceramic brackets, and the wires are so thin you can barely see them. I doubt I can have them put on the back of my teeth or go with Invisalign since I have such severe crowding issues, but I don't mind. I'm just so happy they'll be fixed!

I'm really looking forward to doing the "Before" pictures. The appliance they use to hold your mouth open reminds me of Predator.

So, yes, I'm stoked. Brent thinks I'm crazy because he hated every second he was in braces, but I think it's different when your parents force you to do something and when you do something because you want to.

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  1. Definitely. Most teenagers have second thoughts of getting braces nowadays because of its appearance. They tend to overlook the benefits of braces. Parents should inform their children why they need to have braces, and how it can affect his/her teeth in the near future if they are left without it. Motivate them mentally and emotionally. Orthodontists should also do this, especially if it's their patient's first time.


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