Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Procrastination is Awesome

Wow. It's been a while. So much for updating. Oops!

When I wrote the original entry, I weighed 357 pounds. I'm down to 351 now. I've been walking on and off and trying to watch my food. I've had a lot of slip-ups, mostly due to lack of meal planning. We have a teeny-tiny kitchen with a teeny-tiny fridge. Our freezer will only hold a couple of containers and not much else. Two ice cube trays take up half of it. This means I can't cook ahead, which means I often whip together a quick dinner that lacks nutrition. That, or I'm so hungry that I don't take time to cook and end up having something like cereal or take-out. This really needs to stop. I try to eat very little during the day to make up for my horrible-ness at night.

Anyway, I've noticed most of the weight loss in my waist. That's where I always lose it first (and it's the last area I gain weight). My butt/thighs are always the first to expand and the last to go. I was wearing a size 26 Lane Bryant Right Fit Blue (curvy), average length. Now I'm in a size 24 petite (same brand). My jeans have always been long, but petites never used to fit me because the low rise barely covered me. Now that Lane Bryant has higher rises to accommodate for da booty, I can wear petites. Yay for not tripping on my pants anymore. They fit so much better too. I look thinner simply because my jeans actually fit. Score.

We move into a new place in 2.5 months, so I'll finally be able to use my crock pot and do meal planning. (The new apartment has a human-sized kitchen!) I can freeze an entire week's worth of lunches/dinners. I'm so excited! I love healthy, nutritious food. I've been sick of this grab-and-go lifestyle. I hope the weight starts to melt off once I can start freezing food and planning ahead. My favorite meal is chicken with veggies and couscous. I've been bookmarking/pinning lots of recipes from skinnytaste.com.

Additionally, my friend is creating a workout room in her basement. We're going to do The Firm workouts 2-3 days per week. I'm really excited about that since we used to Firm together years ago. It's a great workout and is both fun and demanding. Also, since our new place is much bigger, I can supplement with "Just Dance" and "Zumba" on the off days. We'll also have a basement and garage, which means I can get a bike and not worry about it getting stolen. I'd love to bike the Kal-Haven trail when it's nice outside.

As for my first entry on January 18, I've already noticed some improvements. My knees don't hurt anymore, which is awesome. Stairs aren't as hard as they used to be. I don't waddle when I walk. So even though I haven't lost a lot of weight yet, I'm already noticing a difference, like I've conditioned my legs to actually work properly. Some friends of ours took us to the dunes the other day, and even though I wanted to DIE halfway through the hike, I felt awesome when we finished. I only had to stop once, after we went up a huge, sandy hill where every step made you slide backward and start all over again. Oof. That was killer. Sure, my boyfriend was running up and down hills like it was nothing, but I tried not to get jealous. I used to weigh as much as he does, and it was just as easy for me back then. I'll get there someday. :)

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