Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Shoes

I got my new shoes in the mail today. They're New Balance, style WW860. I absolutely love them. I haven't taken them out for a test walk yet, but I can already tell they're going to be 10x more awesome than my previous shoes.

Image courtesy of New Balance

I've been walking around the house with them, and I can feel a lot more support in my heel/arch. There's also plenty of room for gel inserts, but not so much room that my foot is sliding around. I'm excited to see how they hold up in Chicago.

Reviews on Amazon said they run narrow, but I'm not feeling that at all. I wear a wide width in fitness shoes, so I ordered "wide" and decided to take the chance. These border on being too wide, to the point I'm wondering if the regular width would fit better. I think some of those people who bought regular width simply don't want to admit they should have ordered wide width. ;) Anyway, I'm going to keep the wide since I'd rather have a little bit of wiggle room to allow for days my feet swell.

I got the pink/grey, which I didn't realize was the Susan G. Komen version until I looked inside and saw all the little pink ribbons on the sole. I have mixed feelings about this, since I'm still upset over all that tomfoolery they pulled with Planned Parenthood several months ago. On the other hand, some of the money went to charity, so that's cool. No, I don't like the charity owners, but I do support breast cancer awareness/treatment, so there you have the mixed bag.

It also comes in blue/white, but I like the pink/silver so much better.

FWIW, they're $89.99 + shipping on the New Balance site, but I got them for $64.99 w/ free Super Saver shipping on Amazon. :)

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